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Djedi VT

Djedi VT

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Material: DCF/Dyneema® composite fabric

Size: Ridgeline 152cm

Weight: 100g (incl stuff stack and all guylines pre-attached)

Pack size: L17cm x W10cm x D3cm

Color: Gray

This is an extension tarp to build a minimal roof that can keep out the rain at the entrance of the Djedii DCF-B Dome.

Djedi VT can be set up by connecting to the webbing loop on top of the Djedi Dome and by hooking with the same stakes for the Dome's rear and front tieouts. It also needs one trekking pole and one stake in the front.

  • Catenary curved ridgeline
  • 5 tieouts with line locks for easy guyline adjustment
  • 2x Grommet at both tieouts of the ridge line.

*Does not include the Jedi body or pole shown in the photo.

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