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DPTE (Dual Pole Tip Extender)

DPTE (Dual Pole Tip Extender)

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DPTE (Dual Pole Tip Extender) 

Weight: Aluminum; 100g (incl stuff sack)
              Carbon Fiber; 84g (incl stuff sack)

Aluminum: ¥4,000.
Carbon Fiber: ¥4,800.

Optional equipment to set up Khufu and Hapi shelters with an "A-frame" using two trekking poles ( adjusted to 130 cm or more).

By using DPTE, you can make full use of the space inside the shelter.

Although it takes a little more time to set up than using a monopole, you will be satisfied with the livability once set up.

To setup the inner shelter with DPTE,  the inner shelter is to hang from the inside apex of the fly shelter.

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