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Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole "CP3"

Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole "CP3"

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Lock system: Flip Lock

Length: 65cm-135cm

Weight: 155 g (excl. basket and cap)

Shaft: 100% carbon fiber, shaft diameter 16mm-14mm-12mm
Grip: EVA
Strap: Polypropylene adjustable

A 3D basket and a rubber cap are included.

¥9,000. (1 pc), ¥18,000 (2 pcs)

*CP3 is sold individually, so please enter the quantity "2" in your cart if you would like to purchase a pair .

A lightweight trekking pole with 100% carbon fiber shaft. 

CP3 has improved the reliability of the shaft locking system by adopting a new flip lock system. 

The grip is made of lightweight EVA that is resistant to slipping due to sweat from long walks, reduces friction on the palms, and is lightweight. The polypropylene strap has an adjustable length feature.

The maximum length is 135cm, so you can increase the height when setting up a tarp or shelter.

Precautions for use

1. The flip lock has a screw with a plastic part that can be turned with your fingers to adjust the tightening strength. Although properly adjusted at the time of shipment, the shaft and lock parts may expand or contract slightly and loosen due to changes in temperature.

Before use, test the flip lock to see if it locks the shaft properly. If the tightening strength is insufficient, adjust the screw with your fingers and apply some weight to make sure the shaft does not slip.  

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