DCF=Dyneema® Composite Fabrics

DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric), commonly known as Cuben Fiber, is an ultra-thin film-like fabric made by laminating Dyneema® fibers with UV resin. Dyneema® is a lightweight yet extremely strong polyethylene fiber. On a weight basis, it is 15 times stronger than iron and 40% stronger than aramid fiber. Dyneema® floats on water and has excellent resistance to moisture, UV rays, and chemicals. A strong and ultra-light fiber that is also used in bulletproof vests.

LOCUS GEAR uses 28g/sqm grade DCF for shelters.LOCUS GEAR mainly uses CT2E.08 of 0.8oz/yd2.

30D Original Sil-Nylon
30D ripstop nylon impregnated with silicone. Extremely strong, lightweight and waterproof.

LOCUS GEAR uses Silnylon with water pressure resistance of 3000mm/HSH, manufactured in original colors at our partner factories.


15D Hybrid-Nylon

It is a waterproof fabric with silicone on one side and a thin PU coat on the other side. Lightweight and can be used with thermo-compression tape on the PU coated side, so mainly used for flooring and footprints of inner shelters.


Tyvek® is a tough, durable nonwoven fabric made from 100% high-density polyethylene. Tyvek® is made of continuous ultra-fine long fibers of 0.5 to 10 microns that are spun under high pressure, randomly laminated, and then formed into a sheet using only heat and pressure. It is a material with unique characteristics: light, water-resistant, and breathable.

Tyvek has moisture permeability, so even when the shelter is closed, it releases a small amount of saturated water vapor to the outside, helping to suppress the formation of condensation.