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Pneuma Bivy Tyvek® 

Pneuma Bivy Tyvek® 

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Size S Size M Size L
Length 204cm Length 218cm Length 233cm
Girth 165cm Girth 174cm Girth 174cm
250g (incl stuff sack) 285g (incl stuff sack) 295g (incl stuff sack)
Packed size:
L 21cm x Dia12cm
Packed size:
L 23cm x Dia12cm
Packed size:
L 23cm x Dia 12.5cm


for 1 person

Pneuma bivy is made of soft Tyvek® (water resistant and breathable) with YKK Aquaguard® center zipper, so it can be used with either left or right zipper type sleeping bags.

Equipped with a bug net of No-See-Um mesh that can be attached and removed using a hook-and-loop fastener.

There is a loop with shock cord on the upper shell, so you can create space above your face by pulling guy lines from a tarp or shelter and hanging it from above. If you are not using it in conjunction with a tarp or shelter, you can also hang it from surrounding trees, branches, or guy lines stretched between trees.

The soft Tyvek® has little breathable, it has the effect of suppressing condensation to some extent.

Not seam sealed.


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