“STANDARD COLLECTION” is the item that is made by our cooperative factory which makes the products of several top outdoor gear brands in the world.

We work together and share the high standard based on our experiences, policy about the quality, how to make and which parts should be chosen in every detail.

*All products of  “STANDARD COLLECTION” are ready-made, so we ship in a few days after receiving the order as long as the item is in stock.

*We cannot accept any additional request or modification in all products of  “STANDARD COLLECTION”.


We decided to call our regular made-to-order product line-ups “CUSTOM COLLECTION” in contrast to “STANDARD COLLECTION”.

And sell the 2 different collections on the webshop.

“CUSTOM COLLECTION” orders are being made by us one by one in our own factory, so it takes time until being ready to ship. The wait time depends on the volume of the orders we have at the time.

We have been managing to increase the productivity, however, it still takes more than 2 months in the peak season. We were so eager to change the situation, wanted to give more choices to the customers who want to get and use the gears when they need.

Looking for a suitable and reliable partner is not easy to find if you have a very high standard. But now, we are lucky to have it and work together and eventually reached to release the first “STANDARD COLLECTION” item here.

In addition, we, of course, keep producing “CUSTOM COLLECTION” by ourselves.

*We cannot use the fabrics which are used in “STANDARD COLLECTION” for “CUSTOM COLLECTION”.


LOCUS GEAR “STANDARD COLLECTION” items are sold with stocks. So that we ship them as soon as receiving orders as long as we have them in stock. Also, some accessories such as poles, guylines, mini line locks, stakes, mat, and seam sealing items are sold with stocks.

LOCUS GEAR “CUSTOM COLLECTION” items of Shelters, Tarps, Bivys, and Bags are manufactured in our factory one by one for each customer after receiving the order. So that there is the lead time until shipment.

All orders are accepted by payments.

Estimated lead time until the Shipment for  “CUSTOM COLLECTION” orders :

  • Shelters 6 months 
  • Tarps, Bivys  2 weeks
  • Small bags, Sheets, Sacks, DPTE  1~2 week


We use Paypal for receiving orders and payments so that you can check out by your credit card safely under the Paypal secure payment system even without an account. You can pay through your Paypal account if you have.

[International Shipping and the Freight Fee]

We ship World-Wide unless EMS refuses the delivery (there are some countries EMS cannot deliver to.).

We basically cover all international freight fees for the purchase over 30,000 yen at one shipment (the exception is for countries that cannot be shipped by EMS/postal service).

Less 30,000 yen, the delivery fee being charged automatically is only 700 yen.

Due to the unstable world situation, overseas shipping costs are soaring, so we will charge a separate shipping fee depending on the total order amount and the country of shipment.

*Customers outside JAPAN may be required to pay your specific country’s tax, duties, some import fees when receiving your order items as import goods, which are your duty and responsibility in your country, so we suggest asking the customs in your country about it in advance.


All products we sell on the LOCUS GEAR webshop can be canceled without any particular reasons, but before the order is shipped out. In this case, we immediately refund all money including the freight fee.

Any special-order products which are not shown on the LOCUS GEAR webshop cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded after the order is placed.



All products we sell on the Locus Gear webshop (except the special-order products) can be returned within 30days after receiving without any particular reasons but should be unused and non-seam sealed.

In this case, we immediately refund the money of the products after the product is returned and checked the condition, but the freight fee paid when ordering is not refunded and the fee for return needs to be paid by the customer.

Any special-order products cannot be returned and refunded after the order is placed.


All products including the special-order products are warranted for 3 months after receiving any initial defects and bad qualities. Please inform us by mail with the explanation and the photo of the defective part as soon as the defect is found. It may be not warrantied in the case that the product was kept using even after finding the defect, so that the state became worse, or damaged while using it without proper care.

Some products such as trekking poles can be worn out the end tip depending on how long and what places are they used. Which are not included as defects. And we sell the replacement.

Any of our products having been modified or treated inappropriately by the user cannot be warranted or repaired.


We repair all of our products if they are still in repairable conditions even after a long time of use. Inform us of the damages with some photos and an explanation of the details (honest and specific explanations are very helpful).

Some simple repairs can be done free, but the freight fee for both ways is required.

[Lost, damaged, and delay in delivery]

We basically cannot take the responsibility for lost, damaged, and delay delivery. As we use EMS with tracking numbers, the customer can check the status, however, there are delays or miss-update in the information of the delivery status happening in some countries and we cannot help anything for such situations.

Also, if receiving goods are neglected by the customer even attempted delivering by the courier over the limit of retention, therefore the goods are returned to us, we refund only the money of the goods to the customer to cancel the order, but the freight fee paid when order is not refunded.

*What can we do additionally and what are the special-order products?

We accept additional requests and minor modifications limited to the below.

1.Add some small loops inside the shelter for bivy or pulling walls of the inner shelter.

2.Change the zipper of inner shelters to the inverted T style (Except Hapi inner).

3.Enlarge the size of the shelter if only the customer is very tall, but the size is decided by us (Khufu and Hapi only).

4.There are various inners which are not shown on the web shop, mainly for Khufu shelters, like combo wall inners, all solid wall inners etc. You can request us the list by telling about which shelter you need to know by email.

5.Accept changing the size of Tarp X series (not in Crescent Tarp and V-Tarp) as well as adding the patch tieouts (you should indicate the location with a drawing). But each width cannot widen as it is already used whole width of the fabric.

6.Accept changing the material of Tarp X series to DCF (not in Crescent Tarp and V-Tarp).

7.Prepare an extension tube if the pole the customer has is not enough length for the pitch (depends on the pole which must be possible to use for the shelter).

8.Prepare a fixed length carbon fiber pole only for Khufu and Hapi shelters if the customer insists not to have any trekking pole.

Please note that we cannot accept any requests of changing the design of the products such as,

*Adding another zipper or putting the zipper on a different panel.

*Adding some specific things to the products.

*Changing the size, shape, or dimensions of the products.

*Changing the fabric or color partially.

*Removing something that belongs to the products.

*Requesting to make something the customer wants or designs, including copies of other brands’ products.

*Requesting to use fabrics or parts the customer has.

Which are strictly unacceptable because of our policy as well as having risks of losing balance, strength, durability in the products, moreover, having mismatching among the materials as each material has specific character to be considered.

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