Pneuma Bivy Tyvek

Size S M L
Length 204cm 218cm 233cm
Girth 165cm 175cm 175cm
Weight 257g(incl.stuff Sack) 282g(incl.stuff Sack) 304g(incl.stuff Sack)
In Sack size L 21cm x Dia 12cm L 23cm x Dia 12cm L 23cm x Dia 12cm

Color: White

for 1 person


*Orders are suspending

Pnema Bivy Tyvek is made of soft Tyvek with UV coat, which has water resistance and breathable.(Usable as a sleeping bag cover)

Suitable for both right/left zipper typed sleeping bags that is because the Bivy has a center zipper with a rain flap.

The Removable bug-net with Velcro tape attached.

The upper shell that has a loop with shock cord allows to make space around the face inside by hanging it with guyline from the top. In case of without tarp and shelter, there is the alternative way to use a tree or a branch for hanging it.

This method is also useful not to make the sleeping bag wet in case of condensation. The soft Tyvek has a function to restrain condensation to some extent, however, it is not perfect and always depending on the weather condition and some other reasons.

Hydrostatic head of the soft Tyvek is about 1,300mm. So there is some possibility that moisture passes through it as the weight of human has been laying for enough long time on the wet ground. We suggest to use something waterproof like a vinyl or polyethylene sheet under it, and also tarps like a Crescent tarp and TarpX.

* Not seam-sealed.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by weather condition and the reflection of light etc.
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