Project Description

Nyx Synthetic Quilt

Full – Open Size : Maximum Width 130cm, Feet Around Width 100cm, Length 194cm

Weight : 546g(Body 534g, Sack 12g)

Suppositional usable minimum temperature : -5C (depending on the clothing)

Color : Sea Blue (Outside), Black (Inside)

28,000 yen


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The Nyx is a synthetic quilt which is used PrimaLoft ONE for the insulation and Pertex Quantum GL for the covering,

PrimaLoft ONE is the highest performing insulation on the market for warmth, water resistance, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft ONE is an ultra-fine microfiber insulation that is as warm, soft and lightweight, and is warmer wet or dry than all other insulations.

Pertex Quantum GL is also known and proved on the outdoor apparel market as a great functional material for lightweight, durability and water repellence, which is used for high-end soft shells ,down jackets as well as synthetic jackets.

The Nyx is designed and developed as a lightweight, high functional  and flexible synthetic quilt for outdoor activities in 3 seasons.

The Nyx is structured to fasten itself by two of the elastic bands with the thin buckles on the upper part of the back, to open/close the foot box part with the plastic snap buttons and the bottom part with shock cord and toggles. Therefor there are various ways of the use such as to open only the bottom when the upper part is closed, or to be fully open, which makes the way of the use flexible depending on the occasion and weather condition.

Please refer the field report for more about the Nyx.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by weather condition and the reflection of light etc.
**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.