Red (White Spectra®)


Brown (White Spectra®)


Blue (White Spectra®)


Black (White Spectra®)


Black (White Spectra®)


White (White Spectra®)

Nanos Spectra®

Nanos Spectra® / Utilize Bag

Main Material: 200D Spectra® X Grid Stop

Size: W27.5 x H23 x D5cm Depth of the pocket 16cm

Weight: 90g


  • Red (White Spectra®) Sold out
  • Brown (White Spectra®) Sold out
  • Blue (White Spectra®) Sold out
  • Black (Black Spectra®) Sold out
  • White (White Spectra®) Sold out

* Spectra® fibre yarns are available in white and black, and you can choose in combination with the colour of the nylon base.

4,500 yen

This multi purpose one shoulder lightweight bag is strong enough to use for not only Outdoor activities but also dairy. There are 2 different typed pockets in the front and back.

  • Adjustable one shoulder strap 55~110cm
  • Fastener open
  • Double pockets – front  and back
*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by weather condition and the reflection of light etc.
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