Khufu HB

The Khufu HB Kit is the second item released from “STANDARD COLLECTION.”

The basic design is the same as Khufu shelters, but we particularly considered “Easy to Use for Everyone”, like choosing a new fabric of 10D rip-stop nylon with hybrid coating of Silicone and PU, so that the seam lines are taped, all guy-lines and line-locks are pre-attached to each tie-out, a loop is located on the top of the fly shelter, which allows a tarp to connect to, etc.

The Khufu HB set includes a full-size mesh inner with an inverted T-zipper. It is packed with a stuff sack.

*A pole and stakes are sold separately. Recommend CP3 Carbon Fiber Trekking pole if you do not have a pole adjustable over 130cm.

10D Silicone / PU HyBrid coated Ripstop Nylon

HB stands for HyBrid

Khufu HB


“STANDARD COLLECTION” is sold with stocks, so we ship within a few days after receiving the order payment unless the item becomes sold out.

This product is limited in its quantity, so it will take a few months until the next is coming back in stock after being all sold.

We carefully chose the fabric for the Khufu HB kit in “STANDARD COLLECTION”, which is 10D rip-stop nylon with Silicone and Pu coat in Tan color, so “HB” is referring to the HyBrid coating.

There are so many waterproof fabrics coated with PU (polyurethane ) or/and Silicone in the current outdoor market. But all is not the same in quality as well as potentially. We have been focusing on its real quality of each fabric we should choose, which cannot be fully defined by the data, such as Hydro Static Head, Tear strength and hydrolysis. And we use the best among the kinds we can get in every LOCUS GEAR product. The best fabrics we have been using are something that only the top brands and makers are allowed to use.

Made With The World Best Materials

Khufu HB

Contents of the Khufu HB Kit

Khufu HB (the fly shelter)Khufu HB Full Mesh Inner (each packed in sack)

64,000 Yen

*Pole and stakes are not included. Please buy them separately.

**Only one item can be purchased per person.

Khufu HB (the fly shelter)

Size : L 265cm x W 160cm x H 130cm  (≈ L104.33″ x W 62.99″ x H 51.18″)

Packed Size L 25cm x Dia 12cm (≈ L 9.84″ x Dia 4.72″)

Weight 390g (incl. sack) (≈ 13.76oz)

Fabric : 10D Silicone / PU Hybrid coating Ripstop Nylon

Color : Tan

Max Capacity : 2 people

  • Features
    • One Peak Vent in Front, covered with no-see-um mesh
    • Catenary Curved ridge lines
    • 9 tie-outs with Dyneema Reflective Guy-lines and Line-Locks pre-attached in the perimeter
    • 4 tie-outs with Dyneema Reflective Guy-lines and Mini Line-Locks pre-attached on each panel
    • 4 tie-outs with Dyneema Reflective Guy-lines and Mini Line-Locks pre-attached on each ridge line
    • Loops both inside and outside of the apex
    • Waterproof 2way zipper with 2 of Double Slider with the pullers, allows to open /close from both sides of top and bottom
    • Door catches on each side of the front panel
    • Fully seam taped

Khufu HB Full Mesh Inner

Size : L 230cm x W 135cm x H 130cm (≈ L 90.55″ x W 53.15″ H 51.18″)

Packed Size : L 28cm x Dia. 12cm (≈ L 11.02″ x Dia. 4.72″)

Weight : 360g (≈12.70oz) (incl. Stuff Sack)

Upper : No-See-Um Mesh, ColorBlack

Bathtub Floor : 10D Silicone / PU HyBrid coating Ripstop Nylon,

Color : Tan

Max Capacity2 people

  • Features
    • Inverted T Zipper with door catches on each side of the front panel
    • Catenary Curved ridge lines
    • 4 corner tie-outs with Dyneema Reflective Guy-lines and Line-Locks pre-attached
    • Center of floor of pole contact point reinforced
    • Seam taped on the floor

Options for Khufu HB Kit

Carbonfiber Trekking Pole CP3

Lock System: Flip-lock
Length:65cm〜135cm (≈ 25.59″ ~ 53.15″)
Weight:150g/pc  (≈ 5.29oz)(excl. Cap and Basket)

Shaft:100% Carbon fiber

Dia. of  the shaft: 16mm-14mm-12mm
Strap:Adjustable strap made of polypropylene.

3D Basket and Rubber Cap attached


*Please note that the pole is sold by the piece. So please buy 2 for a pair.

Link to CP3


Khufu HB Footprint

Size : L 230cm xW135cmcm  (≈L 90.55″ x W 54.15″)

Weight : 140g (≈4.94 oz) (w/ guyline and lineloc on each 4 corner, incl. sack)

Packed Size : L20cm x W10cm (≈L 7.87″ x W 3.94″)


<About the footprint>

We suggest to use a ground sheet or the footprint under the inner shelter for not only protecting the floor material, but also keeping the shelter as clean as possible, which makes easy to maintain and keep the shelter itself in good condition. Washing the sheet is much easier than washing the mesh inner which is quite delicate.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by weather condition and the reflection of light etc.
**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.