Project Description


Material : Aluminum

120g (incl.stack) 


Material :Carbon Fiber

84g (incl.stack) 



DPTE is the optional equipment especially for all Khufu shelters, which allows them to be pitched with using 2 trekking poles in A shape.

So that inside  the Khufu becomes more comfortable and flexible for use without a center pole.

With DPTE might take a little longer to set up than with one pole, however, it makes the Khufu more stable even in the windy condition.

DPTE is also usable  with the inner mesh shelter for Khufu.


<How to set up Khufu with DPTE>

1.Insert the tip part of the trekking poles in the pipes which are covered up with two kinds of durable fabrics

2.Put the grip part into the holders which are connected by a draw cord and fasten up with Velcro loops.

3.Put it into the top part of inside the Khufu shelter already pegged in the four corners with stakes, then set the shelter up and fix both of the grip parts of the trekking poles as placed each center of the front and the back.

4.There are also Velcro loops inside of all Khufu shelters in the center of both the front panel and the rear panel, so fasten up each of the trekking poles with them.

5.Finally stake down with both the front guylines and the rear guyline which are pre-set in the Khufu perimeter after passing through each of the gross grain loops in the holder of DPTE.

6.Stake down with the remaining pre-set guylines in the perimeter and check the  condition of all stakes and adjust the tension  in the good balance.

Replacement Carbon Fiber tubes


In a pair ¥2,000.

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