Djedi DCF-eVent Dome

Djedi DCF-eVent Dome tent is the first domed tent by LOCUS GEAR.

The main fabric is DCF-eVent, which is a non-woven fabric of Dyneema fiber laminated with eVent membrane. With this technology, DCF-eVent is a breakthrough state-of-the-art material that combines the extremely lightweight and high strength of Dyneema fiber and the excellent waterproof moisture permeability performance of eVent membrane.

In addition, we chose the material for the bathtub floor a special version of the DCF with TPU coating, which makes friction resistance better as it is the only drawback of DCF material.

Djedi DCF-eVent Dome tent is made by the bonding method we have already been doing for other DCF shelters, so there is no seam holds except around the zipper and the rain flap (those seams are taped).

Functionality of DCF-eVent

Water resistant performance>15,000 mmH2O (AATCC-TM127)

Moisture permeability50,000 g/m2-24hrs (JIS L 1099 B1)


Misty Grey

Djedi DCF-eVent Dome

SizeL 230cm x W 130cm x H 105cm (≈L 7.55ft x W 4.27ft x H 3.44ft)

Packed size : L 34cm x Dia. 14cm(≈L 13.4″ x Dia. 5.5″)(Tent)、L51cm x W 8cm(≈ L 20″ x W 3.1″)(Poles)

Weight :

Without the front mesh panel : 
Body 560g(19.75oz.) (incl.stuff Sack), DAC Featherlite NSL poles 380g(13.4oz.) (incl.stuff Sack), Total 940g (33.16oz.)

With the front mesh panel 
Body 620g(21.87oz.) (incl.stuff Sack), DAC Featherlite NSL poles 380g(13.4oz.) (incl.stuff Sack), Total 1,000g (35.27oz.)
*2 versions of with the front mesh panel and without the front mesh panel are available.

Materials :

DCF-eVent (Upper), Misty Grey

DCF (Bathtub floor), Grey

For 2 persons

  • Features
    • Front entrance with Mesh door (double doors ) to open and close freely.
    • A front vent with bug-net and open style cover with a removable prop.
    • 4 tieouts with guylines and line locks pre-attached at each corner of the bottom
    • 2 tieouts on each side panel and 4 tieouts on each ridge line (all has guylines, line locks and mini carabiners).
    • A webbing loop on the vertex.
    • DAC Featherlite NSL Aluminium Alloy tent poles with sack
    • The footprint with sack

Djedi DCF-eVent Dome is limited in production, it will be treated differently from the lead time of other shelters

Djedi DCF-eVent Dome without Mesh Door Panel – ¥126,000.

Djedi  DCF-eVent Dome with Mesh Door Panel – ¥142,000.

There are no plans to resume orders for DCF-eVent at this time as the fabric manufacturer has discontinued production.

Misty Grey

Djedi DCF-eVent Footprint

Djedi footprint

Material : 15D Silicone / PU HyBrid Coating Ripstop Nylon


Weight150g – 5,29oz.   (w/loop with shock cord on each 4 corner, incl. sack)

SizeL 230cm x W 130cm

Packed Size L 18cm x W 9cm

 About the footprint

Please always use the footprint attached under the tent for not only protecting the floor material, but also keeping the tent as clean as possible, which makes easy to maintain and keep the tent in good condition.

Djedi DCF-eVent Option

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by the weather condition and the reflection of light etc.

**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.