Djedi DCF-B

Djedi DCF-B Dome

Length 230cm x Width 130cm x Height 105cm

Storage size
Tent body: Length 35cm x Dia.16cm
Poles : Length 51cm x Width 8cm

Tent body 550g (inc. stuff sack)
Poles 380g (inc. stuff sack)

Total weight 930g

Upper: DCF
Bathtub floor: DCF

Max capacity: 2 person


*Orders have reached the maximum quantity and have been temporarily suspended. The next order will be opened in mid-January.

*Because it is made to order, it takes 6 to 7 months from receipt of the order to finish. (This is different from the delivery time of other shelters.)

**Because of the limited production quantity, we will close orders once the order quantity is reached but will resume accepting orders as production progresses.

***Only one tent per person will be sold at a time.

The Djedi DCF-B is a freestanding dome tent that succeeds the Djedi DCF-eVent, which was unfortunately discontinued due to the material manufacturer stopping production of the material.

The Djedi DCF-B has the same shape as the Djedi DCF-eVent but has two ventilation openings. Djedi DCF-B uses regular DCF, which does not have the moisture permeability that DCF-eVent has, so more airflow is needed to reduce condensation. (Condensation is inevitable with non-permeable materials such as regular DCF.)

The dome is constructed using the bonding method, with no seams except around the zippers. (The zipper has a rain flap, and its seams are sealed with DCF tape.)

  • Specifications
    • Front entrance with double doors with mesh that can be opened and closed at will
    • Two air vents with removable posts
    • Four corner hem tie-outs (with guy lines and line locks), two side panel tie-outs, four ridge line tie-outs at each ridge line
    • Dyneema reflective guy lines and line locks for all ridge line tie-outs and panel tie-outs, mini carabiners included
    • Webbing loops on the outer apex
    • DAC Featherlite NSL Green aluminum poles included
    • Dedicated footprint included
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Footprint for Djedi DCF-B (included)

Djedi footprint

Material: 15D silicone/PU coated ripstop nylon

Color: Black

Weight: 150g (with shock cord loops at 4 corners/sack included)

Set-up size: L 230cm x W 130cm

Stowed size: L 18cm x W 9cm

About Footprints

Footprints protect the fabric of the bathtub/floor, so be sure to use the dedicated footprints provided.

Djedi DCF-B Options

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look different from the originals because of the weather conditions and the reflection of light, etc.

**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.