Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole  “CP3″ 

Lock System: Flip-lock
Length: 65cm〜135cm
Weight : 155g/pc(excl. Cap and Basket)

Shaft: 100% Carbon fiber

Dia. of  the shaft: 16mm-14mm-12mm
Grip:  EVA
Strap: Adjustable strap made of polypropylene.

3D Basket and Rubber Cap attached


*Please note that the pole is sold by the piece. So please buy 2 for a pair.

**There is a limit of 4 poles per person per purchase.

The use of 100% carbon fiber shafts has realized the more lightweight practically. The grip is made of EVA, which is light, soft textured and also to prevent from being slipped in the hand as holding it long then sweat.

The strap is adjustable with a friction lock.

The trekking pole is adjustable up to 135cm, which also allows to use as a pole for Tarps and Shelters.

<The instructions for the care of CP3>
The Flip-lock is able to adjust the clamping strength with the screw. That is already adjusted before shipment, however it would be necessary to re-adjust in case of when that has become slightly loosen with expansion and contraction caused by the change of weather conditions.Check the condition of the locks before using then re-adjust if necessary.

The carbon shaft is enough strong to use in the outside activities, however, it might be possible to break by being extremely pressured as being stuck in a ditch of rocks, ices etc. and added the weight  of human.

The bottom section has a taper structure that tapers toward the end to fill the carbon cavity and strengthen it, so it can only be locked above “105cm” printed.

Keep the grip side down when carrying it in a sack.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by weather condition and the reflection of light etc.
**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.