JMT Section Hike 9 days 8 nights 2017 : Prolog

JMT Section Hike 9 days 8 nights 2017 : Prolog

JMT Section Hike: Prologue

PCT Days 2017 in Oregon

In 2017, just like last year, they came to the United States to exhibit at "PCT DAYS 2017," which will be held from August 19th to 21st at Cascade Locks in Oregon.
This is the time when PCT hikers cross the Bridge of the Gods at Cascade Locks along the Columbia River, and the area is crowded with many PCT hikers and people who come for this event.
It was a very meaningful event as we had the opportunity to see our LOCUS GEAR products seen by many people in America (especially in the Portland, Oregon area), including PCT thru-hikers.

Jason (left) and two PCT hikers who hold course records on the Florida Trail and the Colorado Trail.

LOCUS GEAR booth at “PCT DAYS 2017”

Total Eclipse

As the timing was perfect, I had received information that on the day after "PCT DAYS 2017," a "total solar eclipse" that would cross the United States for the first time in 99 years would be visible in Oregon, so I went to work with Jason, who was helping out at the scene. I went to see it with two friends.

A former colleague of my friend who was accompanying me (apparently a former NASA official) had researched the best place to see a 100% "total solar eclipse" for two years, so he decided to go south-east of Mt. Jefferson from Portland. I went to the top of a small mountain with a 360-degree view and was able to fully enjoy this rare celestial show.

This was my first experience of seeing a total solar eclipse. Once a solar eclipse begins, the process of the sun gradually disappearing behind the moon will be observed using eclipse viewing glasses and an automatic tracking telescope. Shortly after the eclipse begins, it becomes almost pitch black, creating a 360-degree view similar to a sunset. It's quite an exciting experience to be in the middle of a total solar eclipse, something I've only seen in photos and videos until now. Even with a simple solar eclipse viewing glass, you can see the sun completely covered by the moon's shadow, leaving only a halo. Although the astronomical show lasted just over two minutes, it was an experience I will never forget.

After the total solar eclipse, I immediately drove from Oregon to California.

(Observe solar eclipses with a telescope that automatically tracks the movement of the sun.)

( People gathered on the trapezoidal peak of the mountain, which offers a perfect 360-degree view for observing the solar eclipse.)

(Aim the iPhone camera at the eyepiece of the telescope and take a picture)

(100% captured the moment of total solar eclipse)

Snow Issue 2017

During the 2017 JMT, there was a lot of snow left even in the summer, and many people were injured while crossing rivers that were swollen by a large amount of melted snow. Unfortunately, two people, including a Japanese hiker, lost their lives. It had become.

Regarding this, when I visited the Eastern Sierra in January 2017, I noticed that even the locals were shouting that it was the heaviest snow in five years, and that there was already a lot of activity in the High Sierra area including the PCT and JMT this summer. It was predicted from the beginning that there would be a high risk due to remaining snow and rising river water due to melting snow.

However, as we approach the second half of August, reports that the situation has changed considerably have begun to appear on forums, etc., and we believe that there will be no problem with this, so we have decided to replace the "Lost" that was originally proposed as an alternative to JMT.・I decided to change my route to ``Coast Trail'' and suddenly go for the JMT section hike.

The JMT is a great, well-maintained hiking route, so it's rare to lose the trail. However, we must always remember that walking here means stepping into the heart of overwhelming nature for an extended period of time. Obtain accurate information from the weather information and local authorities for the year, and collect the latest information from hiking-related forums related to the area just before the time you actually plan to go. It is very important to develop an appropriate action plan.

(Djedi Dome Prototype on the shores of Conviction Lake, January 2017)

(January 2017, at Crab Cooker's open-air bath. This area, which doesn't usually snow, was covered in snow. The shelter is Khufu DCF-B )

Mammoth Lake

From Portland, Oregon to Mammoth Lakes, California, it takes about 700 miles = 1,130km to run all day long.

Mammoth Lakes is a town in the Eastern Sierra with access to the JMT, and is a popular and prime location as the closest resort to Los Angeles, where you can enjoy winter sports in the winter and all kinds of outdoor activities in the summer, from hiking to climbing and fishing. .

After dinner, we went to Mammoth Lake's famous open-air bath and went camping. It was a beautiful night with a sky full of stars.

(August 2017, BBQ at Mammoth's friend's house)

(Refresh and camp in Mammoth's open-air bath )

(Camping right next to the open-air bath. Starry sky and Khufu HB.)


The next morning, I drove for about an hour from Mammoth Lakes to Bishop and visited the White Mountain Ranger Station Visitor Center to obtain JMT permission.

In order to obtain permission, you must tell them your entire itinerary, campsite, whether you have a bear canister, etc., and your equipment. The Bear Canister is required throughout the entire JMT process, and you will not be granted permission if you do not have it. (If you don't have one, you can rent one at the Bishop Ranger Station.)

Recently, the JMT has become very popular, and during peak hours in Yosemite there are so many people that it is difficult to obtain permission, but if you are doing a section hike from Mammoth Lakes or Bishop area, it is relatively easy to do. Permissions can be obtained.

Then I went to a local fishing gear store called Mac's Sporting Goods and bought a 10-day fishing license for $47. Since this JMT section hike was decided at the last minute, I decided to go to an outdoor shop called Eastside Sports in Bishop to get the missing equipment, food, and other necessary items.

( White Mountain Ranger Station Visitor Center )

This JMT itinerary was the idea of ​​Jason, who is familiar with this area.

The plan was to travel from Onion Valley via the Cairsage Pass Trail, join the JMT , and then exit to North Lake via the Paille Pass Trail.The plan was to travel for 9 nights and 10 days. The distance is approximately 100 miles = 160 km . On average , you should walk 10 miles per day = 16 km . (At first glance, it seems quite easy in terms of distance, but the average altitude of the hike is 3,100m , and the itinerary is relatively generous as it allows for a day of rest and fishing.)

 The JMT is one of the best parts of the PCT , and this route can be said to be the best part of the JMT . In other words, it's the best of the best.

(Apply for permission at the ranger station)

(BBQ dinner at Bishop's friend's house)

That night we camped at Pine Creek, a famous climbing spot near Bishop.

Jason's friend Mike was at Bishop, and he helped us with this move. We had a leisurely breakfast at Erick Schat's Bakery, a long-established bakery, packed our bags, and went to Mike's house around noon to be dropped off at the trailhead.

Specifically, we drove two cars from Bishop to the trailhead at North Lake, where we would drop off our rental car. My plan was to transfer to Mike's car and have him take me to Onion Valley, my starting point.

From Bishop to the final destination, North Lake, is 32 km = 20 miles, approximately 30 minutes; from North Lake to the starting point, Onion Valley, is 120 km = 75 miles, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This time, I rented a car from Portland to Los Angeles for about three weeks, so I had a lot of freedom in traveling. Even if you don't have a rental car, it should be possible to travel between Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Yosemite Airport, Bishop, and Independence, as well as the trailhead, by combining buses, taxis, and shuttles. However, compared to renting a car, you have much less freedom.

Thus, on August 26, 2017, our JMT section hike began.

(Goole Earth image of the entire JMT section hike this time)

*Google Map's My Map link related to this trip

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