LOCUS GEAR will celebrate its 10th anniversary on December 1, 2019. We are grateful for the many people who supported LOCUS GEAR.

As a special project for the 10th anniversary, we will upgrade the “Lime Green” color shelter and tarp, which were sold in the early days, and start reprint order sales.

(* Please note that shelters and tarps are handled as custom collections, so a certain period of production is required after ordering as before.)

Also, “10” is written in Roman numerals “X”.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of this event, we have prepared a product with a commemorative logo that includes the “LOCUS GEAR X” and “X” motifs.

(* The 10th anniversary goods will be available in limited quantities on December 1st.)


Crescent Tarp LG

Crescent Tarp LG