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Project Description

Onda Mat

Length 180cm x Width 49.5cm x Thickness 1.3cm(in the max thickness)

In coiled:Dia. 16cm x Width 49.5cm


For 1 person

color : grey


Out of Stock

Onda Mat is a XLPE foam sleeping mat.

“Onda”  means  “wave” in Italian.  As it is named,  the mat is composed by 2 forms layered as the waved one is on the flat base foam.
The wave structure made this unique cushioning in the foam mat.
The manufacturing method of the foam waving was developed to make packing materials for something very fragile like wines and glass-made products,  which is also patented by the corporate company in Italy.
We had paid attention to the XLPE waved foam as to use for an outdoor mat, so asked the company to make and test the samples several times until achieves to create a lightweight mat without losing comfortability.
The weight is only 230g in the length of 180cm,  115g in 90cm,  128g in 100cm, and 192g in 150cm.
You can cut and use it as you like.

*Onda Mat on the field test in Snowmass – Maroonbells Wilderness, Colorado, USA at summer 2015.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by the weather condition and the reflection of light etc.

**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.