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Project Description

Khafra eVent

Length 270cm  x Width 270cm x Height 170cm

1.11kg(incl.stuff Sack)

Color: Brown Sugar

For 2-4 persons


Zipper Color

Khafra eVent – a Pyramid shaped monopole shelter – is designed to pitch with one pole (adjustable to 170cm length) and 8-16 tieouts.

*Pole and stakes are not included.

The fabric officially called Pertex Shield DV incorporating eVent has the ability of 61,000 gr/m2/24h (JIS L1099 B-1 method) in the breathability and 431.0 kPa (JIS L 1092 B method) in the water proofing property.

Khafra eVent has the great function of prevention from condensation. To keep itself dried with discharging water vapor inside the shelter, that is because Direct Venting™ Technology in the latest eVent fabric chosen purposefully for the Khafra eVent. 

*Please see for further information in Material.

Using PVC coated polyester ground fabric and DyneemaX as reinforcement in the points which are put strain.

  • All of seams are taped.
  • YKK AquaGuard Zipper
  • Catenary curved ridge lines.
  • 2 upper vents with bug-net and open style cover.
  • 9 ground level tieouts in the perimeter with Linelocs to adjust Dyneema reflective guylines easily. *Steak down 2 of the front together.
  • 4 tieouts in the surface of the panels and 4 tieouts on the each ridge line with DyneemaX and shock cords.*2m x 4 and 3m x 4 of extra Dyneema reflective guyline attached.
  • The zipper in the front panel with shock cords and toggles for roll open.


Khafra Mesh Series is matched with any Khafra shelters including Khafra eVent.

Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by the weather condition and the reflection of light etc.

**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.