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Project Description

Khafra DCF

Length 265cm x Width 265cm  x Height 170cm

460g(incl.stuff Sack)

For 2-4persons

  • Color
    • White ¥76,000.
    • Black ¥79,000.
    • Red ¥79,000.
Color & style
Zipper Color


Khafra- a Pyramid shaped monopole shelter- is designed to pitch with one pole (adjustable to 170cm length) and 8-16 tieouts.

*Pole and stakes are not included.

The fabric is CT2E.08

DCF(Dyneema® Composite Fabric), the fabric known as Cuben Fiber, is extremely light weight ,strong, waterproof and durable against UV light, which is flexible non-woven laminates that utilize DSM Dyneema®.
*Please see for further information in Material.

Using PVC coated polyester ground fabric and DyneemaX as reinforcement in the points which are put strain.

  • Catenary curved ridge lines.
  • YKK AquaGuard water repellent zipper
  • Two upper vents with bug-nets and open style covers.
  • 9 ground level tieouts in the perimeter with Linelocs to adjust Dyneema reflective guylines easily. *Steak down 2 of the front together.
  • 4 tieouts on the surface of the panels and 4 tie outs on the each ridge line with Dyneema X and shock cords. *2m x 4  and 3m x 4 of Dyneema reflective guyline attached.
  • The long zipper in the front panel with shock cords and toggles for roll open.

* Not seam-sealed.

*Please note that the colors in the photos might look differently from the originals caused by the weather condition and the reflection of light etc.

**Prices and details are subject to change without notice.